A BLINDFOLD walk through Whitland proved a real eye-opener for Simon Hart, MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.

The MP joined representatives of Guide Dogs Cymru to highlight the problems facing blind and visually impaired people as they go about their daily routine.

With the help of a sighted guide, Mr Hart put on a blindfold and experienced at first hand the difficulties posed by seemingly innocuous objects such as advertising boards, bins and goods on display outside shops.

He used a long cane to navigate his way along the pavement while Guide Dogs Cymru's Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Cathryn George, ensured his safety throughout.

Eva Rich and Andrea Williams, volunteers for the charity, also attended the event and drew the MP's attention to the specific problems of street clutter elsewhere in the constituency, including Tenby.

Mr Hart explained why he agreed to take the challenge... "This was the only real way to experience what life must be like for the 100,000 people in Wales who have visual impairment. I felt extremely vulnerable and it really brought it home to me the challenges that they face every day."